Start by browsing until you find what you want. Copy the URLs and give it as an argument for this tool. You can list several URLs on the command line (separated by space). Content that are already downloaded will be skipped.


Usage: nrkdownload [OPTIONS] URLS…

URLS… One or more valid URLs from [required]
-d, --download-dir PATH
 Download directory. Can also be specified by setting the environment variable NRKDOWNLOAD_DIR [default: ~/Downloads/nrkdownload]
--version Print version string
-v Increase logger verbosity. Can be repeated up to four times. [default: 0; x<=4]
--help Show this message and exit.

The files are by default downloaded to ~/Downloads/nrkdownload. This can be changed by using the option -d as described above, or you can define the environment variable NRKDOWNLOAD_DIR

URL Parsing and actions

If the URL points to the top-level of a series, all episodes in all seasons will be downloaded. If the URL points to a specific season, only the episodes within that season will be downloaded.