Downloading programs

For downloading a specific program that is not part of a series, the URL could look like e.g. https://tv.nrk.no/program/MUHH49000021

Dowloading series

Let’s say you are interested in downloading all the available episodes about the rescue boat “Elias”. You would then search for “Elias” on https://tv.nrk.no and end up at a page with the URL https://tv.nrk.no/serie/elias. If you give this URL as an argument to nrkdownload, all (available) episodes in all seasons will be downloaded.

Downloading a single season

If you are only interested in a specific season of a series, click around on the webpages until you are only looking at that season. As an example, if you wanted to download the third season of SKAM, you would use an URL like https://tv.nrk.no/serie/skam/sesong/3

Downloading a single episode

If you want to download only a single episode of a series, navigate https://tv.nrk.no until that episode is selected. The URL will look like e.g. https://tv.nrk.no/serie/kongen-av-gulset/sesong/1/episode/3/avspiller or https://tv.nrk.no/serie/klassequizen/2021/DSRR21000521/avspiller, where information about the episode is included.

Giving a URL like this as argument to nrkdownload, will result in only this single episode to be downloaded.